Pixton_Comic_Pixture_by_mrogray_LWelcome to the Comix Accomplice!

This site is born of the necessity of a grad school project, that of a certain Owen Gray, student of library and information science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and school librarian/media coordinator for Parkway Elementary.

This project is intended to provide these three things: a rationale for the use of comics in the school library and classroom, a description of some of the different ways you can use them for teaching, and lots of helpful resources, mostly lessons and materials, that can help you begin to incorporate comics into your curriculum.

Despite it’s necessity, I genuinely hope that what you find here inspires you to make comics and graphic novels a part of your daily life, as I believe that there is a unique connection between a comic and its accomplice (who, as Mr. McCloud says, is you, we, us… the readers, I mean to say). This connection is drawn through a story that is told in a way that no other medium offers. That way requires so much of both the creator and the reader that growth, both educationally and personally, is inevitable.

In addition to the resources, ideas, and rationale provided here, I will also post reviews from time to time of children’s and young adult comics that come across my desk. The first of these are merely carried over from my other, now defunct blog that I ran for the Watauga County Library, Were the Stories Good, but they give you an idea of what kind of books I read and recommend. Truth be told, I’m still learning about this medium, as I imagine you are, so I expect that with more knowledge gained, this project will morph into something different than what I have originally intended. So, thanks for tagging along, I hope we discover something new, different, and inspirational together over the years to come.


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